"This wellness center is AMAZING! My boyfriend, Chris, has been going religiously for skin issues and it has cleared up substantially! Dr Choi, Dr Heeyoung and Dr Alex were instrumental in his relief of a combination of psoriasis and eczema that he's suffered from for over 20 years!!!! And only after 4 sessions. 

They are caring and have the best bedside manner. He's even able to take a nap while his acupunture needles do their thing under the red lights.  All the staff are unparalleled in their customer service, experience and healthy alternative medicines. So much better than the western medicines where we are used to doctors saying,  "use this cream and call me in the morning" mentality. 

The herbal teas prescribed made the world of difference. No more cortizone creams!!

Thank you TY Wellness!"


"I found the doctor on yelp. After so many good reviews I decided to give a try and it was the best gift that I could give myself.
I have been going to Dr Choi for the past few months and I am so happy with the results. He really cares for his patient well being. I came to the doctor with rosacea problem. As a result of the acupuncture and herbal treatment not only my face looks good but all my body feels much better. My menstruation started to be more regular, even my Hashimoto's thyroiditis seems to be under control right now. I have made the lab test 2 weeks ago and they came out great!!"

Kinia L. via yelp

"Yet I moved out LA three months ago and am not their patient any longer, I am still thankful of TY wellness. I was super worrying that my eczema would get worse once I leave their treatment but I have been keeping up with my good skin condition by trying to follow their diet recommendation! Nope, I haven't been under a new doctor's care or any sort. I think that TY wellness helped to remove root of the cause, that's why I am doing just fine now.

Dr. Choi had told me that his goal was his patient would do well without his care and look, I am proud to say I am doing well! I added some before / after photos that maybe helpful to see my improvement."  :-)

Usan M via yelp"


 "I have been to the TY Wellness center twice now, and both visits were equally amazing. Dr Choi asks all the right questions and is quickly able to CORRECTLY diagnose you. Doctors I have visited in the past recommend pain medications and steroids... Dr Choi is able to connect your pains to anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, etc., and works towards solving your issues with NO over the counter medications.  The first time I visited Dr Choi (over 2 years ago) I had chronic lower back pain. One visit to Dr Choi to receive acupuncture completely fixed this. I am back 2 years later because the same spot in my back is starting to bother me again (although the pain is nothing compared to my first visit... just tightness). Dr Choi was able to further connect this pain to insomnia and anxiety, which he will also use acupuncture to treat in upcoming visits. 

I am incredibly happy that I came across TY Wellness."

Alexis J. via yelp.


"I was having really bad lower back pains so I went to TY Wellness to get acupuncture done. I am deathly afraid of needles, but everyone at TY Wellness made sure to make me feel comfortable and at ease. They were incredibly patient and explained each procedure. I initially went in for my lower back, but Dr. Choi noticed other problem areas (upper back/shoulders) that  I wasn't aware of until he worked on them. The tension/pain on my back definitely improved after the first session. I've gone three times (twice for acupuncture, once for cupping) and each time I can tell how much my pain has alleviated. Everyone in the office is great and I couldn't recommend a better place for acupuncture/cupping."

Cindy Y. via yelp


"After 5 years of having sinus related problems and a very runny nose and visiting regular doctors that couldn't deal with the problem except give me cortison sprays I decided to look for some help with Dr Choi. My girlfriend was cured of a dermatitis problem by Doctor Choi and she always told me about how knowledgeable he is. It's been a week since my first visit and my sinus problem is already gone. 

Dr Choi has an amazing knowledge and with very simple questions and tests (looking at my tounge, touching my stomach, etc) he was able to tell me exactly what my problem was. Apparently it has to do with what I eat. 

I received a acupuncture treatment on my first visit and have been eating what Doctor Choi recommended. After a few days I felt my stomach and digestion change, I feel mucho more energy and my sinus problems went away. Its been a week now and I can't explain how much better I feel overall. 

On my second visit yesterday Dr Choi noticed all the improvements in me and said that I didn't need a second acupuncture session. To me this only shows how transparent, honest and professional Dr Choi is. He truly cares about everyones problems above all and is the nicest doctor you will meet in town. 

Thanks so much Dr Choi and Alex! (Alex is super nice too and is extremely attentive). I've been highly recommending TY Wellness to all my family and friends."

Jorge T via yelp


"It has been only 3 months total of my treatment and I am happy to say that I am a recovered eczema patient. Since my last review, I stated I had eczema on my legs and few areas but it was progressing.

As of today, I have no patches, no flakey skin, no red areas,and no itchiness! God is good! The tender areas on my face that was covered in eczema look even better than before. 

Today when I went in for my checkup, Dr.Choi did not even recognize me because of the major improvement. All this time, I have tried my absolute best to follow Dr.Choi's orders - try to get sleep, eat only what he said is ok to eat, and try not to itch or itch too hard :P. 

Again, I have been an eczema patient since birth, 27 years, and it took roughly 3 months of treatment to see results. I can look in the mirror again and go out freely! Too just say I am happy is not enough... I am just so very grateful to be alive and kicking with good skin lol. 

If you are reading this and suffering or know someone who suffers from skin issues, especially eczema/rss (red skin syndrome), please send them here to TY Wellness.  Taking care of what I eat is a MAJOR factor still, but at the end of the day I shouldn't be eating cookies and chocolate all day anyways.

I was suffering for so long because I did not see a REAL DR. Who actually KNOWS what he is doing.  Someone who has studied for 25+ years and is willing to also undertake the stress and frustrating disease eczema. Every time I went in he was reading and studying STILL. Every time I went in they actually took a good look at me and notes on my condition... they were truly concerned and also worried for me. 

I am not a person who likes to write reviews, but I have been through so much that I feel compelled to write this in hopes of helping someone else who has lost all hope! 

T.Y. Wellness - Dr. Choi, Dr. Alex, Dr.J , you have all been a Godsend. See you soon~

Diane via yelp

"Have been visiting here for treatment for a few months now. I can highly recommend Dr Choi and his team. They are very thorough and professional. Dr Choi clearly knows what he's doing and the problem I have has almost disappeared  after being something I had learnt to live with for years. 

He is interested in curing problems from the route cause rather than simply treating or soothing, which is a much better long term result and the way that all medicine should be."

Jamie via yelp


"The doctors at TY wellness are the best. They really commit to helping their patients. The treatment rooms are spotlessly clean and their expertise is noticeable after only one treatment. I have chronic neck and back pain, so will have multiple treatments to solve my problem but I have all the confidence that TY wellness will help me live pain-free. Thank you"

Kate via yelp


"Dr. Choi and the team at TY Wellness Center has helped me so much.

I came to TY Wellness hoping that acupuncture could be the solution for shoulder pain that I'd been suffering with for more than 6 months. I'd tried massage, physical therapy and nothing had helped. After one session with Dr. Choi, my shoulder felt better than it had in months. 

But the impact of treatment went far, far beyond that. Dr. Choi quickly assessed other issues I'd been suffering with for far longer, due to extensive business travel (digestive issues, anxiety, poor sleep) and talked about how acupuncture, and some minor dietary adjustments, could help with those. And indeed, he was right. After one session my stomach felt better, I experienced a week of the best sleep I'd had in years and I woke up feeling pain-free, refreshed and energized. 

Dr. Choi has great energy, he is incredibly attentive and caring, and clearly a master at what he does. The experience of treatment at TY Wellness Center is positive, easy and professional. I know that Dr. Choi is highly experienced working with skin issues, but if you are experiencing pain, digestive issues, anxiety, or sleeping problems he can also work marvels.  I highly, highly recommend Dr Choi and TY Wellness."

Melissa via yelp


"Respect, appreciation, and gratitude are not strong enough words to use to express my feelings about TY Wellness Center and its staff, Dr. Choi, JaeYi, and Alex.  Anyone who has suffered a serious chronic illness understands the despair and desperation you feel after years of pain and confusion about your condition.  Finding professionals who understand my illness and have actually helped me become healthy feels like nothing less than a miracle.  

I have suffered from Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW/RSS/Red Skin Syndrome) for five years.  Of course, the first year was completely debilitating.  Although my condition was much less severe in year five, still being sick and looking like a flaky tomato was emotionally harder later because I felt more hopeless about it.  After seeing countless doctors, I mustered my last bit of hope and visited Dr. Choi based on his reviews here on Yelp.  I hate to think of where I would be today if I had not taken the leap to try him.  

First, he and his staff were actually familiar with my condition!  I did not need to explain TSW to him.  Instead, he explained a lot that I did not know to me.  Also, he did not make those well-meaning but completely frustrating suggestions most doctors make, like "maybe you're allergic to your laundry soap."  He is an expert in dermatological conditions and it was such a relief to be in the care of someone who understands my history. 

Secondly, Dr. Choi understands that TSW may manifest on the skin, but it is in fact an illness of the whole system.  Dr. Choi looks at my tongue every time I see him.  This sounds unusual to patients accustomed to western medicine, but that is just the point.  His philosophy is to understand everything that is happening in your body and how one cog affects all the others.  Dr. Choi does not treat the symptoms; he treats the system.  

Dr. Choi has helped me understand and isolate the parts of my diet that have worsened my condition.  (Bread = Flare) That, along with acupuncture and herbal medicine, have helped me become literally healthier than I have been in years.  My skin is skin-colored again!  I am not exhausted all the time!  I no longer go to sleep worrying how I will feel when I wake up in the morning!  I no longer avoid looking in the mirror because I can't process that I still look sick.  I no longer feel like my life will start as soon as I am well again.  After five years, I am finally feeling like I have my life back.  

I cannot thank Dr Choi, Alex, and JaeYi enough and I highly recommend TY Wellness Center.

Nira via yelp


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